Soft Furnishings And Curtains By Josie Foster London

Home furnishing and decorating should not be seen as two separate enterprises. If you are thinking of furnishing or re-furnishing your home then go for neutral tones and colors. You may not think this is a good idea, you just love that red corner unit, or the blue leather sofa and it will go so well in your living room. The question you have to ask yourself is whether that sofa will look as good if you change the dcor in that room.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on home furnishing and decorating then try it the budget way. Rub down and stain or repaint wooden furniture and add new drawer and door handles you’ll be surprised at the difference that this can make. If you can’t afford a new sofa then why not have it recovered? If you can’t run to professional recovering and you are not confident enough to do it yourself then buy a luxurious throw.

When it comes to furnishings you can make your home look quite different by changing your soft furnishings. A new rug on a hardwood or laminate floor brightens a room enormously. One way of going about home furnishing and decorating on a shoestring budget is to start with your soft furnishings. Buy some new cushions with two-tone or multi-colored covers then pick out one of the colors and use that as a theme for your decorating. If there is a nice blue color in the cushions then get some blue curtains. Paint your living room a neutral color and have a blue feature wall, or whatever color it is that you have chosen. You’ll be surprised at the new slant that this puts on your existing furnishings and how easy it is to coordinate the rest of the room with the soft furnishings.

If you’ve decided it is time to splash out and you have got some money to spend then you need to decide on what type of furnishings you want in your home. Do you want a themed look for example? Some people like a country feel to their furnishings while others like the plain but simple lines of black leather and chrome. It is all a matter of personal choice. The type of furnishings you choose will dictate the way that you decorate. You don’t want walls and doors that clash with your new sofa. Perhaps the best way of going about this is to draw up some plans before you start. You don’t need any particular drawing skills to do this; you just need an idea of the kind of furnishings and dcor that you might like.
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Top 5 bathroom decorating tips

In the process of interior designing or redecorating a house, the bathroom is often neglected.

Most of us assume we are not going to spend much time in the bathroom and therefore we tend to focus on other areas of the house such as the kitchen or living room. On the contrary, if bathroom design is given the right priority, the room can be transformed into a stylish and inviting haven.

If you’re thinking of redecorating your bathroom, consider the following points to turn an uninspiring and cold room into your personal sanctuary.

Colour You have two options when it comes to picking a colour for your bathroom. You can either add character by adding some colour to the walls or you can opt for neutral white and add colour with accessories and towels. Blue is always a winner but if you fancy something a bit different you might want to consider other pastel colours such as peach, cream or lilac. Be careful not to over do it. Only soft colours will help you achieve that feeling of tranquillity.

Accessories Bathroom accessories include toilet roll holder, toothbrush holder, towel rails, soap dispenser but also candles, mats and tissue boxes. Be creative and shop around before deciding which style you’re going to go for. Towels can be considered accessories too. Make sure they complement the rest of the decor and experiment by arranging them in different ways, such as rolled in a basket or displayed on a shelf. If you’re redecorating on a budget, you might want to consider buying a new shower curtain. It will transform the room instantly.

Mirrors Mirrors are especially important if you have a small bathroom. They reflect the light and they can make a small place appear brighter and larger. Opt for a beautiful framed mirror to give the room more character.

Storage Having plenty of storage space is the key to a tidy and relaxing bathroom. There is a number of options you can choose from depending on your current bathroom design: under the sink units, cabinets or even baskets if you have a really small bathroom.

Lighting There are two types of lighting that you will have to include when redecorating your bathroom. A wall dimmer is perfect to achieve a soft and relaxing light for a soaking bath. For grooming and applying make up you should also place lights around the mirror as this will prevent shadows.

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When To Use Gothic Interior Design

If you are like lots of other people you have probably struggled when it comes to deciding when to use the different design elements that you would like to use in your home. We all know that there are many different design elements that you can use as you make your home a better and more welcoming place for you and for your family. However, there are good places to use these designs, and then there are places that aren’t the best places to use the designs, no matter how much you like them. Gothic interior design works in this way, because although there are many different neat things you can do with Gothic interior design, you need to know where the best places to use it are. Otherwise you might find that you are not getting the point across as you would like to.

Made for Big Spaces

The ideas behind Gothic interior design are that it is tall, big, and amazing. If you are going to be using Gothic interior design and the colors that go along with it, you are going to want to think about having a big space to put it in. If you try to use Gothic interior design in a small space, it is going to make the space look crowded, and it is going to make your home look much smaller. Therefore, you need to find big open spaces that you can use for your Gothic interior design.

What Works?

There are several main rooms that really look good with a Gothic interior design feel. First of all, you might want to consider using this in your entry way as you design your home. The feel of walking into an entry way that has been designed using Gothic interior design is a great feeling, because this makes the whole house seem big and magnificent. Another place that you might want to consider using Gothic interior design would be in the dining room, because this is an area where you can really open up the ceiling and make it look much bigger using several different Gothic interior design tips.

As long as you remember that you need a wide open space to properly use Gothic interior design you will find that it does wonders for the way your house looks, and it allows you to get the most out of the spaces that you have chosen to use it in.

How To Choose A Ferret Cage

How to choose a ferret cage. In your quest to have a happy healthy pet you must start with the right equipment. How to choose a ferret cage is one of the most important issues to be addressed.

Ferrets love to run around the house much like your dogs and cats do. They are also tame and really cute and if you are new to having a pet ferret, you might think it a good idea to leave him the run of the house while you are at work or out.

But make no mistake, if you don’t want your house destroyed they need to be contained when they’re left alone or when they’re having a “time out.” If you choose a suitable ferret cage, your little darlings won’t mind staying in it for a few hours before it’s play time again.

The best cage characteristics.

If you are planning to purchase a cage rather than build one, then buy from a respected pet store online or locally.

Any kind of glass enclosure like an aquarium is not suitable because there is not enough ventilation. Choose a wire cage.

Ferrets need room to run and play, and they are generally not happy in cramped spaces. So make as much space as possible available for your ferret’s cage.

Investigate how easy the cage is to clean. Less complicated setups like easy pull-out trays and solid metal coated bases are good choices.

Ferrets are very clean animals and they like to have separate areas for eliminating, eating and sleeping. Make sure the cage you choose has provisions for this. Ideally it would have at least three divisions.

A cage with several doors is preferable. Ferrets like to run around when inside the cage, having only one door can make it difficult to get them out of their enclosure.

Good quality locks and clips are another feature to look for. Your ferret is clever and will find a way too escape if the lock is inadequate.

Ferrets love to ferret around, especially in dark tunnels and spaces. So a cage with tunnels and tubes and hideaways will help keep him entertained and busy while you are not there to play with him.

Once you’ve chosen and brought home your cage, it’s time to deck it out with all the tings your pet needs.

Flat Sheets Sold Separately

Most bedding accessories are sold in sets, but there are some flat sheets sold separately. If you are still deciding which one to get, here are the facts.

Why Buy the Sheets Separately?

Buying the sheets individually gives you the chance to customize and design the bedroom. You can go over the various sheets and pick one to your liking. You can buy a red flat sheet and mix it with a mocha fitted sheet. You can also match it with different pillowcase styles.

Buying the items separately can also save money. If you already have a fitted sheet and pillowcase, there is no need to procure the whole set. Probably the only drawback is that flat sheets sold separately can be difficult to find sometimes.

About Buying Bed Sheet Sets

Convenience is the reason why majority of flat sheets sold today are in sets. Flat sheets are almost always used with fitted sheets and pillowcases. By selling the sheets in one package, consumers will get what they need in one package.

Those who want coordinate sheets will also appreciate these sets. Even if they are not inclined towards home designing, the set pieces will give their bed a polished look.

Which is Preferable?

Again it all comes down to a matter of personal preference. Those who want to accessorize their beds easily are better off getting a set. It is also ideal for those who want to make sure their furnishings match. But if you’re the type who likes to personally match sheets, purchase them individually.

Where to Buy Flat Sheets

You’ll have no problems finding sheet sets. Many of the major manufacturers sell the sheets this way. Individually sold flat sheets are still available. However, they are not as prevalent as those sold in sets.

If you can’t find them in stores, try searching for them on the Net. Some of those Internet stores may sell the sheets. You can also try looking in auction sites.


Check the thread count before you buy. Flat sheets with 300 to 400 thread counts are considered by many as being acceptable. Thread counts between 280 and 220 may be too coarse for some.

If you are going to buy flat sheets sold separately, you should also check the material used. Some of the materials used are cotton, polyester, satin and Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the most durable while ordinary cotton is more affordable.

Beautiful Home With Adorable Home Furnishing!

The various kinds of Home Furnishings items includes-


Furniture is the most important aspect of any home. These should be comfortable as well as designer in their feel as well. There are various kinds of furniture that are available which includes wooden, glass, teak and bamboo furniture. These can be placed both indoors and outdoors as per your preference. Dining table, sofa, table and chairs are all part of furniture!

Table Dcor

There are various accessories which form part of table dcor. These includes tablemats and coasters. These are available in various designs and shapes making them attractive and appealing. Besides, the look factor they are very functional too as they prevent the tables from scratches and very hot objects.


Curtains have high aesthetic sense and are life of any home and room. It is the colour of the curtains that matters the most. Designs and materials used for making the curtain are also plenty. They are made of expensive fabrics like silk ,satin, net and zari and more. Simple fabrics like cotton and nylon are also available.

Bed Sheets

Beautiful and bright bed sheets are loved by the people. These home furnishings products are available from the various regions in India each showing its rich culture and heritage in its designs .


Come winter and we all love to warm ourselves in Quilts. Rajasthani Quits are very warm and popular as well for its traditional design and light weight!

Rugs and Carpet
Change the look of your room with rugs and carpets. Available in various designs and of different fabrics that can be placed at the entrance, in the living room, pooja room and bed room! These are not only stylish but also very important ingredients of home furnishings.

Bath Accessories
These are also part of Home furnishings. Available in their sizes and colours these are used for cleaning and drying the body.

The Myth Of The Oil Crisis

There are some things most people today know about oil.

* Global oil output is going to plummet
* Prices are going to rise forever
* The transition to alternative energy will be long and painful
* There will be more oil wars and industrial civilization may collapse
* Oil and gas will cause catastrophic climate change

The problem is that these ideas are wrong. Oil ran out first in 1885, and perhaps another five times since then. Every time, new finds, new technologies and changes in oil use confounded the pessimists.

Oil prices above $140 per barrel seem to encourage the growing belief that we are approaching peak oil and that supply cannot increase any more. But what has changed since 1998 when oil cost $10 a barrel? Just that a long period of under-investment in new energy supplies collided with rapid growth in Asia (and, easily forgotten, the USA). It takes years to turn the energy super-tanker around, to develop new oil fields, even though there is plenty in the ground.

There is a real debate over how much oil the world holds. But ideas of a vast conspiracy involving some mix of OPEC, the US government and Big Oil to exaggerate oil reserves are fantasy. Official figures are, if anything, somewhat under-stated, and, as recent massive finds in deep water offshore Brazil show, new exploration frontiers still exist. Out-dated environmental moratoria in the USA could be lifted to yield more domestic hydrocarbons. New technologies continue to wring more out of old fields. Most importantly, unconventional oil sources hold many times the volumes of conventional oil – from the famous Albertan oil sands, to fuels from natural gas, coal and plants, to cooking oil out of shales that hold trillions of barrels in the USA alone.

So there is no need to fight resource wars to secure oil. Invading oil-rich countries is vastly expensive and makes oil supplies less, not more, secure. The Middle East is a growing part of the world economy, not a nest of terrorists, desperate to cut off oil supplies in order to bankrupt themselves and invite vengeance. Propping up dictators in return for energy favours is not a valid long-term strategy either. The West, China, India and the oil exporters will gain far more from co-operating on energy, than following the mirage of energy independence.

Should we invest massively to move to a renewable energy system? Well, we already are — $100 billion in 2006 alone, and not only in the West, but in China, India, Brazil and other rising powers. Its hard to grow renewable energy any faster. Renewables are clearly a key part of powering the future, and of fighting global warming, but oil (and gas, and coal) are going to be the main sources of energy for decades to come. Capturing the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels, and storing it underground, is entirely practical and should be a major part of climate change policy. renewable energy and hydrocarbons are not enemies — we need to use them both.

So the end of oil is not imminent — neither is the collapse of industrial civilization. Even if oil supplies started declining, we could fill the gap with improved efficiency and new energy sources. Its neither necessary nor desirable for us to go back to some Year Zero of pre-modern society. Oil will never run out; it will be replaced, probably decades hence, by something better. That is the best and most positive reply to fears about the end of oil.

2008 Robin M. Mills

Author Bio
Robin M. Mills is an oil industry professional with a background in both geology and economics. Currently, he is Senior Evaluation Manager for Dubai Energy. Previously, he worked for Shell. Mills is a member of the International Association for Energy Economics and Association of International Petroleum Negotiators. He holds a Master’s Degree in Geological Sciences from Cambridge University. His book, The Myth of the Oil Crisis: Overcoming the Challenges of Depletion, Geopolitics, and Global Warning, is available August 2008 from Praeger Publishers.

Home Furnishing- For A Truly Amicable Abode

Home decor is a topic much in discussion, more so in the recent past. Every home maker wants to make her abode the most amicable place. There is no better way to do up the house elegantly than by decorating the abode with ideal home furnishing.

Home decor is most often region specific. The type of home furnishings that you buy for your home is partly dependant on the geographic boundaries. In India the most widely seen pattern in home furnishing is the oriental type.

Oriental home decor is not just confined to India but most of Eastern Asia. The best loved home furnishing items include wall hangings, ethnic curios, idols of deities, artificial or fresh flowers, pottery, bamboo craft and much more. They should be appropriately placed to define the exclusivity of these home furnishings.

Besides the type of home decor, one must choose home furnishings depending on the availability of space. Smaller rooms look good with smaller artifacts. Lighter hues make the spaces look wider and ensuring proper lighting is another prerequisite. Vertically positioned curios look better for a smaller abode.

A larger house may be embellished with home furnishing of different types. Broad wall hangings, bold designs on the curtains, darker colors, multicolored walls, and wall and ceiling embellishments may be profound. Carpets made exquisite with suitable designs may ideally adorn the floor.

Besides curios, furniture is another integral part of home furnishing. Soft leather couches, cane chairs or wrought iron sofas- the variety to choose from is wide. Care should be taken while choosing the colors; lest the furniture should look out of place. Make sure the color and texture of the furniture blends easily with the walls, flooring and curtains. If you are someone who loves to spend leisure in the confines of the bedroom with a book or engrossed in any other creative hobby, make sure the bedroom interiors is amiable. Choose the bedding of your choice keeping the space factor in mind. If a study table needs to be accommodated make sure you plan well in advance, else the room may be too crammed to hold more furniture.

A dressing table adds to the exclusivity of the bedroom. Elaborate carving, white wood and other timber tables are ideal choices. Decorate the floor with carpets and exquisite mats to give it an ‘at home’ feel. Flower pots and indoor plants may also adorn the corners exuding fresh oxygen to the space you call your own.

These tips may be useful for someone doing up the house with exclusive home furnishing. Choose them right so you don’t have to keep redoing the interiors. The internet is a good source for information as well as home decor products. Get an imaginary outline of how the abode would look with varied combinations of home decor and make the best of your creative mind to make your abode the most harmonious place to be.

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Teenage Bedroom Designs And 5 Must Have Items For Every Teenager’s Room

A teen’s bedroom becomes a place of refuge, a room where they can find comfort and relax with everything that is their own. This is their haven and the only place they can truly feel is their own. As every teen has a different idea in mind for what they would like to do to change their room, taking some time to sit down with them and share some teenage bedroom designs with them will allow you to get an idea of what they like and who they are.

Although all teen ideas for themes may vary, there are certain things that every teen may want to have at hand in their room. The following is a list of 5 Must Have Items for every teenager’s room.

You can include all types of storage ideas in teenage bedroom designs. There are beds that allow your child to store things in cubby holes or drawers underneath their mattress. This is often good for a small room where there is not an overly large closet or area for bookshelves or other storage options. It does not have to be expensive for organizational supplies. You can buy pencil cups, and paper trays for their desk, cd holders, piggy banks, and small plastic baskets they like from a dollar store near you. You can buy bookshelves, which are good for not only storing books but for holding those small baskets filled with jewelery, makeup, keys, cards, cds, or any other small items that need storing neatly in one place.

Personal Touches:
If your teen wants to add a personal touch to the bookshelf, they could spray paint it a colorful shade, or paint a design on the top. Lighting Table lamps can be both ornamental and stylish to add that special flare to your teens room. Paper lamps and wall sconces are other creative ideas for lighting. Different lighting options have different effects on your teens mood. You can mix and match environmental lighting options with task lighting to make a pleasant and productive atmosphere.

Colorful floor-length curtains are a nice added touch. You can match up curtains and blinds with other bedroom furnishings for a better look. Roller shades are a nifty idea to create a cool and soft look that will also allow the natural light to shine in. If your teens room is not as private as they would like they could try using stacking glass blocks for added privacy.

Trendy rugs:
Using rugs in your teenage bedroom designs can not only add a personal touch but help to conserve heat in the cold winter months. Incorporate funky and functional rugs which can be easily cleaned. By using assorted small rugs in various places instead of one large rug you can obtain a more unique look.
Natural mats are eco-friendly and will suit every teens design idea. These are great for insulation as they are made from grass, husk, and jute.

The best accessories are personal items teens can feel a sense of pride with like collages, bulletin boards, and hand painted light switches or lamp shades. Provide frames, foam or cork for those teens who want to hang their favorite posters up and not damage any newly painted walls. Choosing the right teenage bedroom designs for your teen will enable them to feel as if they have a place that is safe and where they can relax and be free from all of the turmoils of life around them,

Hire An Interior Design Company To Make Your House A Home

Have you been dreaming of that perfect abode that you would want to call your home, however your lack of creative ideas hinders you from making your dream to a reality? Then it is time to hire a professional company to help you through your ordeal. They will not only make your house a home, but definitely a home worthy to be called your own. With so many types of interior design company out there, it will be your primary concern in choosing the best among the rest to achieve your goal.

But before you do begin the process of weighing your options, it would be wise on your part to also start your research on the various interior designs you may want to have for your own home. If you know what you want, your interior designer will not have a hard time to materialize the concept in your head. That is why; it is very important to have open and easy communications with your desiger so as that they would know what would be your likes and dislikes. Remember, this is your home therefore, everything must be within your own personal preference. A good interior design company knows how to bring to life the design you have in mind and enhance it for a best end-result.

It would be very good on your part to do a little research as well on the profile of the company you are about to hire. Make sure that they know what they are doing, meaning, all their staff are competent and professionals. Also, the company must be able to provide you portfolios of past works to give you an idea on how their finish products look like. And lastly, consider the fact that a good design firm should have accolades and acknowledgments in their works, to make you want to hire them in the first place.

Creating the right design for your home can be a very challenging task, but with the right interior design company by your side, you would know that your house will definitely be a home for you and your family.