Interior Design – Give Your Bathroom a Neat and Fresh Look

Considering the interior design of a bathroom is a must even though we do not tend to give much importance to it while renovating our homes or building a new home. Designing of bathrooms is very important as this is the room that is used at the start and at the end of the day. Hence, it has a lot of potential to influence your mood. A bath can help you get a fresh start to the day and it can also help in getting a sound sleep after a long tiring day.

While designing your bathroom’s interior, you must consider various things like the style, color and the mood that the room should have. You must also choose a design that not only suits you but a design that will be liked by your friends and relatives who come to visit you at home.You can start off by checking the pipes that are present inside the bathroom. If they are visible, you can get them covered.

Bathrooms should be sufficiently illuminated as per your desire. You may also go for natural lighting by installing a wall skylight or roof skylight. If you prefer artificial lighting you can simply install an overhead light or lightings on both sides of the vanity mirror.You must also make sure that the room has proper ventilation so that fresh air is always coming in from outside. Ventilation should also allow the humid and moisture filled air inside the bathroom to move out. This can be done by installing a ventilator or ventilating fans.

Neat looking tiles are one of the most important things that you should consider while you design your bathroom’s interior as they make your bathroom not only clean but also attractive. To make your bathroom look beautiful, you can place same color tiles on the floor and different color tiles on the wall. You may try placing the tiles diagonally on the floor to give it an unusual look.

If you do not organize your things properly inside the bathroom, your bathroom may be cluttered with all sorts of things that you use (or actually not use ). Hence, you must give great importance to keeping the toiletries organised so that you do not waste any space. Installing shelves and cabinets can be a very good idea to arrange your things inside the room.

Apart from all the above, you must also make sure that the bathtub, sink and commode go well in terms of color and design with the overall look of your bathroom. After all, the interior design of your bathroom is on the line! Good luck with your bathroom design project.

Beautiful Artificial Plants, Trees And Flowers Buy Artificial Plants Shopping

Artificial plants are perfect for beginners or even seasoned hobbyists who keep large active fish, like cichlids, that dig or destroy live plants. Also, artificial plants are ideal for breeding or quarantine tanks, providing much needed shelter in a simple and attractive manner. They are an excellent low-maintenance alternative, offering many benefits when live plants are not a practical option.

Placing artificial plants inside the home is a wonderful thing. You can change their position and their location with minimum fuss and less time than real plants. They also come in full bloom or in buds for artificial plants which are flowering and with small fruits or berries attached for smaller topiaries. You also get to choose their color shape and size and they stay that way all year round.

People love artificial plants for many reasons as you can see. Since they aren’t as delicate as real plants, they can also be easily found and purchased online. Find any artificial plants you like online and take measurements to make sure they’ll be a perfect fit for your home.

Benefits of Artificial Plants

Artificial plants are also easy to rearrange at any time. Plus, you’re not limited by water type; if you want to place an artificial saltwater plant in a freshwater aquarium, you can safely do so. Your selection is limited only by your preference.

Artificial plants arrive essentially ready to use. You need only place them in your desired location. Simply rinse them prior to installing them in your aquarium.

Just remove and rinse artificial plants whenever you need to or soak in plastic plant cleaner. Artificial plants are the ultimate in easy-care aquarium inhabitants. They require no special lighting, no special substrate, and no supplements.

Artificial plants are ideal if you don’t exactly have a green thumb. They won’t die, they require no pruning, and they stay beautiful season after season.

Safety for Other Aquarium Inhabitants because artificial plants aren’t harvested from other bodies of water, they won’t introduce foreign, harmful pests or parasites into your aquarium.

Artificial plants will never rot or undergo natural biological changes, so they won’t foul your aquarium water. Thanks to their easy installation and maintenance, artificial plants are suitable to all aquarists, whether novice or veteran.

Artificial flowers and artificial plants made today are just as beautiful and nearly identical to the real thing. If you want the beauty of flowers in your life, why not add some permanence with lovely silk flowers and plants.

Wall Aquarium – A Way To Make Your Interiors Alive

Are you looking for good options to display your water species at home or in office? Then you search ends here. As wall aquarium is the best way to make your home or office look more energetic. The wall aquarium is the aquariums which form the part of the wall. They can be placed at any place according to the choice and the surroundings. It is a very ideal option as it is an added feature to decorate your homes.

Most of the people consider it as a lucky sign but do not have enough space to keep them. Thus the wall aquariums can serve your purpose as they can be easily hung on walls and also do not require large space. You do not have to think about the space as they can be easily accommodated only in small place. They are available in different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular types of aquariums is the in-wall types that are installed within the walls itself. It is considered as the best option as they save a lot of space and at the same time display the colorful fishes. But the most essential thing to consider is that how will you go about buying the wall aquarium.

You can make a visit to several stores which have designed aquariums and you can choose from them. If you wish to have your own design you can tell them about your idea and they get it prepared. The customized ones are more preferable as the pre-designed ones do not fulfill the requirements that you have. For getting a clearer view you can go through the websites for online options and better designs.

Wall Aquarium is well known as the living picture aquarium. They bear the resemblance to the traditional wall portrait or painting. Depending on the variety of these living pictures you can find a small cabinet to hang it at your home. The size of these aquariums makes them a best decorative piece at your home. If you desire to show the fishes displayed at your homes and office then this is the best approach to style and fashion that will serve your purpose.

The popularity of these wall aquariums are continuously rising these days. If you make a decision to buy a pre-built wall aquarium that looks like a living picture then it is the best investment for you. Apart from the saved breathing space it will add an elegant and a professional look at your home and office. They are the ideal items to adorn your beautiful home.

Wall Aquariums are truly the perfect addition to virtually any environment, whether it be your office, living room, bedroom, or family room. Have a beautiful Wall Aquariums installed inside your wall.

How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium

How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium Clifford Woods


Putting together a freshwater aquarium does not need to become a headache. You just have to acquire the proper materials and follow a few basic steps and in a short time you will have a fantastic looking aquarium that is appropriate for your fish.

There are a few things you should be aware of with a freshwater aquarium arrangement however; there are some responsibilities involved.

To begin with, there is the price factor. You will have the one time expense of putting it together, and after that you will be purchasing various maintenance products as well as fish food.

You will also have to care for it regularly; at the very least, feeding the fish, and then just about every couple weeks or on a monthly basis you will be doing some sort of maintenance. It really is just like owning any other pet, the more affection you give them, the more gratifying it will be.

Below are some suggestions for setting up your freshwater aquarium:

The dimensions of tank which you select will be based on the amount and size of fish that you would like to maintain. You cannot have fish that are congested, or a tank which is too large. The easiest method would be to begin with a ten gallon aquarium and then stock it with little fish which do not grow too big. As you become a little more knowledgeable, you may test out various other types of fish along with a larger aquarium.
Search for a spot to keep the fish tank that is secure and protected. It should be out of the reach of children and other pets that may disturb it. If it is too close to a window that allows direct sunlight, this may boost the temperature of the water. An excessive amount of direct sunlight ensures that you will have to do more algae control.
Evaluate the equipment needed. Filtration systems are diverse and are all priced differently. A few fish also generate far more waste as compared to others and they’re going to require unique types of filtration systems. When thinking about a heater, make sure you take the size of your tank into consideration. In addition, you will also need to give some thought to substrate, vegetation, along with any other accessories you will be placing into the aquarium.
Rinse the fish tank with warm water and rinse each of the parts which will go in there at the same time. Avoid using soap as this is not considered to be good for your fish. Install your filter as soon as your parts and aquarium are thoroughly clean.
Rinse the gravel in clean water along with the other accessory you have for your freshwater aquarium. The substrate must be flushed extensively and you can do this using an appropriate strainer.
After you have all of this setup, now you can put in the water. Water needs to be at room temperature and de-chlorinated.
Put in the heating unit and wait for about fifteen minutes for the temperature setting in the heating unit to adjust to the water temperature.
Now you wait. You must allow the tank to undergo a complete nitrogen cycle before adding fish. You will recognize when ready whenever you observe the water is becoming cloudy; usually after a couple of days.
Finally, put in your fish. You need to let the fish gradually adjust to the change before you put them in. Follow the instructions from the fish shop on how to go about doing this.

To keep your aquarium clean, you’ll want to use an organic probiotic solution that completely gets rid of the main cause of bacteria. The probiotics in such a solution will also greatly enhance the life of your plants and fish. Chemicals are not recommended. —

Clifford Woods is the CEO of Effective Environmental Services and Organic Environmental Technology
We brew Beneficial Microorganisms that eat toxins and offer Natural Organic Solutions

Insights Into Interior Design Designing In Style. Part Ii Traditional – Jacobean And Victorian

Global Interior Design Consultancy Company in London, UK for interior design services.
Interior design has always been impacted by fashion trends – both historically and in the modern day. In this article series, “Designing in Style,” I explore the meaning of style for interior designers.
I draw on my experience working alongside many of London’s best-known interior design teams. This second article in my series introduces traditional/period design, with a focus on the Jacobean and Victorian styles.

Traditional design uses materials that reflect the wealth and opulence of historic times. London Interior Designers will often take the best of the features that were available back then and skilfully combine them with elements that are available today. Traditional/period interior design projects tend to focus on elegance, with a look and feel that is comfortable, rich and sumptuous, although sometimes also a little fragile.

The Jacobean theme is popular in London mansions and other residences that have a real sense of history. The Jacobean style focuses on heavy wooden features, with dark-stained oak often used to create panels for walls and floorboards. Oak is also often used for the furniture, and the overall interior design feel is that of robustness, with pleasantly-proportioned pieces to fill the available space. Tapestries are also an important part of the Jacobean look. However, many interior designers recognise that tapestries can be impractical nowadays, and one approach often used by London’s best-known consultancies is to recreate the tapestry appearance on modern upholstered furniture or curtains.

One caveat with Jacobean interior designs is that the style does need plenty of natural light, because otherwise the darker wood stains can seem uninspired. This can be problematic in smaller London residences, but is generally not an issue with more luxurious mansions that often feature huge south-facing windows and substantial grounds.

The Victorian interior design style, by contrast, is considered a more staid approach. Interior designers often focus on small rounded tables, often covered entirely in cloth, and fat, heavily-buttoned chesterfield settees. So much of London became urbanised in Victorian times that the style also came to include nature as a theme for textiles, serving as a counterpoint to accelerating industrialisation. Consequently, Victorian interior design schemes often feature floral elements and birds on both walls and furnishings.

In the next article in my “Designing in Style” interior design series, I will focus on a third and final period style that is particularly important for London residences – the Georgian style.
Global Interior Design Consultancy Company in London, UK for interior design services.

Greatest Interior Design Company In Malaysia

Interior design is a multi dimension job by which inventive and technical keys are utilized inside a structure to attain an interior environment. And this may be achieved by or with the assistance of an interior design company. An interior design firm deals with all elements of lighting, color, texture, paint, furniture buy and placement, flooring, fabric and accessories.

There are number of good interior design corporations working in Malaysia. They’re giving all types of interior design companies from conventional design and dcor to modern luxurious home and office dcor. Following are few of them.

Interior design Comapny is considered as top-of-the-line in offering residence planning and interior design concepts to the clients. Interior design Malaysia believes in offering high quality work as an interior design company. Interior design Malaysia works with the shoppers to design an setting which is exclusive as their very own individual personality. To offer the best companies to their shoppers, Interior Design Malaysia works collectively with the clients. Their intention as an interior design company is to offer and implement a creative design plan which ensuing a house or working place of dreams.

It’s a speciality of Interior Design Malaysia to offer the most effective companies whereas formulating the design solution. There are a lot of elements concerned in formulating a design solution. How the space will probably be used for leisure or work, for actions or relaxation. Sensible issues like ease of access, amount of sunshine each natural and other, acoustics, seating arrangements and storage. An interior design firm like Interior Design Malaysia observe closely the needs of shoppers to make the place a beautiful expression of private taste.

Interior design Malaysia has an in depth shopper base consisting of large multinational, international clients. With wide expertise within the area, it has undertaken projects in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia etc. Inside design Malaysia has practise an integrated design approach where equal emphasis is given to all facets concerned in interior designing.

The name of room interior design has been established as one of the artistic and ambitious interior design company in Malaysia. Tasks by roominteriordesign have achieved nice appreciation with awards from Malaysian Society of Interior Designers and Institute Perekabentuk Dalaman Malaysia.

B&N Design Associates SDN BHD is an interior design firm, providing skilled interior design services. They’ve years of expertise designs and managing tasks such as retail retailers, caf or restaurant, residential homes or bungalow, company offices, hotel, club home, theme shopping mall, water them park of public park and etc.

Smart Buildings – More Than Just Energy Efficiency

The smartest people in the commercial real estate industry agree–if we really got energy efficiency in buildings right using smart building technologies, corporations could save so much money that there would be little need for solar panels or windmills. While most experts are still strong supporters of these alternative energy sources, they agree that extreme energy efficiency measures could have very dramatic positive results.

On the other hand, there are an increasing number of people who are growing disenchanted with the energy efficiency movement. It is not that they are against the idea, it just seems like it is an “all or nothing” proposition, and one of the major aspects of smart building technologies is the impact they can have on OPERATIONS and TENANT SAFETY/SATISFACTION as well as energy efficiency–which solar panels and windmills don’t offer.
In our world of buildings, a world that impacts us every time we enter an office, mall, school or sporting venue, and an environment that requires a great degree of operational support, why totally ignore the operational benefits, financial and human productivity possibilities, and tenant safety/satisfaction potential of intelligent, connected, high performance smart buildings?

This new generation of smart buildings, in which an IT infrastructure is laid on top of a building and every electro-mechanical device is IP enabled and connected with the ability to send data and be controlled, can provide energy savings and a WHOLE LOT MORE. The concept of centralized portfolio control with dramatically reengineered workflow, combined with advanced data analytics and visualization, could have an equal (if not greater) impact on the operational and tenant satisfaction bottom line of a building when comparing energy efficiency and savings.

Building owners care a lot about the costs of running a building. If these state of the art concepts and technologies can significantly reduce operating costs, why not exploit that fact? These details should be included in the overall strategy when cost-justifying the retrofitting of existing buildings. It makes sense to look at every aspect of these intelligent and smart buildings. Go through the front door with energy efficiency but, by no means stop there; operational efficiency and tenant satisfaction will round out the complete justification for making smart building investments.

One small, yet interesting example of this approach would be the management of fire extinguishers. Despite more technology in an iPhone than we had on the first space launch, we continue each month to walk every square foot of our buildings in search of a fire extinguisher with a small paper card attached and a hole to punch. With some pretty basic smart building technology, we can connect those fire extinguishers to a network and monitor them in real time, with almost no future financial investment. This also has a good sustainability aspect, as we are not using natural resources to transport humans in their search for cards to punch.

Another area relevant to smart building technology with a very fast payback is digital signage. Despite the fact that the hardware and technology costs have become very competitive, we continue to rely on analog solutions to communicate information in our lobbies. If you look at the cost and process, with multiple people and methods of getting a tenant’s name up on a lobby sign, it is a very inefficient way to communicate tenant information. In addition to a simple tenant directory, digital signage can also offer advertising (potential revenues), and fire life safety information in the event of an emergency.

Many different areas of a building’s operations would benefit greatly from automation: HVAC, lighting, security/access, energy, fire/life/safety, lifts, water management, landscaping/irrigation, audio visual, digital signage, parking, voice/data and more.

If we truly want to take our buildings to the next level of sophistication and take advantage of all available technologies, then start thinking of the three categories that make a smart building–energy efficiency and conservation, operational efficiency, tenant safety and satisfaction. If we include all of these categories in our financial justification models, it becomes a much easier decision to retrofit and move our buildings into the 21st century.

Painting and decorating services

Painting and decorating services There are many reasons why we need to paint buildings and objects; the main reasons are to make things look nice, smart and respectable. The other reason is more of a practical reason and that is to protect the building from the elements i.e. the winds rain etc. when there is lack of paint this can cause all sorts of problems. There are many people who just choose to paint building at periodical intervals, this isn’t necessarily the best course of action. Choosing to paint a building at periodical intervals may mean that the building isn’t necessarily in need of a new coat of paint, don’t worry though there are alternatives that you can choose for instance paint inspection. This article is aimed at given you all the positive reasons why you should choose a paint inspection rather than just opting for painting things at periodical interval. The article will then set out to inform you on where you can find more information on things like painting and decorating services and painters and decorators Cheshire. Painting and decorating services – the benefits Paint inspections are the way forward if you need to keep you building looking fresh whilst at the same time being protected from the elements. These paint inspections are done very carefully to ensure their evaluations are fair and meet the customer’s needs. These paint inspections are able to detect the following: ?The condition of the brickwork or any other material. ?The condition of the paintwork – this includes which layers of paint are flaking off. Painting and decorating services – to conclude When you combine the evaluations mentioned above you are able to decide how soon the building will need painting along with how much painting is required i.e. does the paintwork need an undercoat or just a few topcoats. A paint inspection will then be able to allow you to work out the amount of work needed which you can convert into associated costs. As you can see there are many positive reasons why you should choose a paint inspection, If you are still wanting more information then this can be found by entering the keywords -painting and decorating services’ into an internet search engine. This will allow you to work through all of the options that are available to you.

For the best painters and decorators Cheshire has to offer look no further than Home Decor has built a reputation for providing the best painting and decorating servicesin the area. a.

Des Moines Decorating Trends Bedroom

Des Moines decorating trends are always changing, and each room of the home has its own particular needs and style. The bedroom is our most private, intimate space. It’s the space where we relax, energize and where we feel most at peace. Des Moines decorating trends in the bedroom is a combination of old and traditional styles with a modern, minimalist touch.

More home-owners are opting for a hotel-like appearance in the bedroom. Trends point to higher ceilings, large walk-in closets, attached bathrooms and even fireplaces, pop-up TV cabinets and additional furniture. The bedroom is moving towards becoming a home within a home. If you love your lazy Sundays in bed you will love this style because this trend will still allow you to get plenty of your daily tasks done all from the comfort of your bedroom.

Master-bedrooms are moving towards a non-gender-specific design and self contained. Frills are out and layered textured is in. High upholstered headboards are replacing traditional wood bed frames and footboards are being eliminated. Dark hardwood floors are replacing wall to wall carpet in the bedroom. Modern bedside tables with tall lamps and dimmers are also very popular.

Bedroom Des Moines decorating trends are all about personal style this year. Ethnic touches into the bedroom is very stylish and allows you to add your personal cultural impact. Grandmother rugs, wooden furniture with carvings, sculptures and handmade decorations are all adding to the cozy-warmness that people are looking for in the bedroom. African influences like bamboo furniture and animal skin on objects are also very popular trends.

Grey is still the perfect neutral color for your bedroom Des Moines decorating. Some shades of green, like jewel tone and other rich colors like rose reds are very popular trends because of their luxurious feel. But bedroom colors that are soothing and calm are still the most preferred. Wallpaper is also making a come-back in the bedroom. Gold is making a comeback as the choice for accent colors like picture frames and lamps.

Treasured Spaces is here to help with your Des Moines decorating needs. Our Des Moines decorating experts understand all the trends and what they can do to add to your bedroom and the rest of your home. We can use our Des Moines decorating expertise to work with you to create the perfect look for your home. For more information about the Des Moines decorating experts at Treasured Spaces please like our Facebook page.

Setting Up An African Cichlid Aquarium

An African Cichlid aquarium must be set up to best accommodate the fish. If a tank is set up improperly, it can not only cause stress to the fish, the error could result in death for the fish. The best way to make an African cichlid happy is to design its aquarium with their natural habitat in mind.

The following paragraphs will briefly discuss the best environment for an African Cichlid.

Aquarium Size

An aquarium being set up for an African Cichlid should be at least 35 gallons, but ideally 55 gallons. The bigger the aquarium size, the more the fish will enjoy his new home. An African Cichlid likes to have a spacious aquarium, with plenty of aquarium decorations and swimming space. Having a smaller tank can ultimately cause a fish to become aggressive, since he will unlikely be able to stake claim on any territory.

Water pH Levels

Water in an African cichlid aquarium should be monitored and kept at pH levels of 7.0 to 9.0. The reason the range can be so wide is because the water chemistry in African Rift Lakes constantly fluctuate. They never stay the same. The only time problems may arise for the fish is if there is a rapid change in pH levels. The African cichlids are able to easily adapt to many water conditions. They can even survive in sub-optimal conditions, but they will be stressed and aggressive.

Water Hardness

African Cichlids prefer hard water over water treated with softeners. If no hard water is available, calcium and phosphate should be added. Water conditioner and salt are also necessary. The African Rift Lakes contain hard water and that is water want to replicate in this aquarium.

Replicating an African Cichlid’s Natural Environment

This can be tricky to do. African cichlids are found in all of the three African Rift Lakes: Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria and Lake Malawi. The environments in these three lakes are slightly different from each other. So the first step will be to find out which lake your cichlid is native to. The second step is to research that lake’s water chemistry, substrate and plants. The final step is try replicating the major components in your own aquarium.

African cichlids are beautiful fish and make a wonderful addition to any home. However, great care must be given when setting up an African cichlids aquarium. It is important to know about the natural habitat of the fish, and replicate it as closely as possible.