High Quality Bear Pelts For Decorating Your Home With Lushness

Fur, Rugs and throws are considered as the most important furnishing for any home during winters. Best kind of skin, tanned and natural, these types of pelts are mostly desirable in the countries where the temperatures dip beyond imagination. Countries lying just on North Pole and South Pole suffer this requirement as the temperature is immensely low and normal blankets, shrugs and throws can never fulfill your need. These real fur products will provide you immense warmth and give your home a better, elegant and decent look. For those who are really looking for the best of the purpose winter furnishings can find online the best collection for buying purposes.

North America is said to be the best place and distributor of natural rugs and throws. Here you get the most perfect quality of rugs. Most natural appearance with mouth open not growling or snarling gives you the real not dangerous look lie on the road. You can buy all of them online and can actually view the things which will be ours. Choose the most usual yet unique forms of rugs and pelts you can ever buy. Shipping will be available to your place without any major charges and you can lavish your home with the most astounding look.

Fur pelts is one of the right choice for your home when you have limited investment to make and a class to maintain. Commerce, culture and style, maintain all the three combination provided the best of the look and enduring appearance of your home. Not just the place you live, but your workplace can be equally be turn to charismatic with these real looking pelts and mattresses. For those who are looking for luxury to design their own home, this is the best place they can turn up to for providing a better and best look for your places.

Fur-pelts is one of the amazing junction which you can visit to shop for the most extensive range of throws to lavish your home with. With the cheapest offer and easiest discount deals you are going to just love this and make your home a big starry destination for your guests. The prices available here is very low as never expected or through by you. The biggest range of fur thing are available in very tempting patterns, good enough to provide you the richer and the fuller furnishing looks.

Ordinary furniture will do no good with the class and elegance you are looking for. You have to be just the most of it providing a stupendous treat for your baggage. Come and play with the most enticing piece of nature just available to make your hard work greater and worthy. Its not that these pieces are just of best quality but they are actually very unique pieces of bear pelts and several other furs which make your home look just as if any designer have specially crafted it right there and right now. For those who are more nature lovers can look for more options available side by side.

Live And Artificial Freshwater Aquarium Decorations

How simple or weird would you like to get? The decor of a freshwater aquarium can come from many sources and often be strange. This can define your individual taste, history, cultural background and even one’s vision of a world. A major benefit of getting an aquarium is to decorate it over and over aqain until you are satisfied with your results. Your freshwater aquariums decor is the foundation of what makes our fish tanks a special place- or not!

Your pocket does not have to suffer from the possible expensive materials that you can get for your freshwater aquarium. You can find inexpensive items that will be just fine and a little creativity will go a long way. While there are lots of organic and inorganic fish tank decorations available online and at nearby shops, you can maximize your budget, by picking up some items present around you, or combine them with materials being sold in stores. Decorating an aquarium is a satisfying hobby and there is no shortage of things you can use to decorate as well as continue to redecorate, until you are happy with what you have created. It is a true do-It-yourself hobby.

The challenge for designing is to always come up with something new, something catchy or something unique. An aquarium hobbiest can always treat the designing part of the aquarium, as a rare chance to showcase their talents. Of course, the functional purpose of the design should be to both create a visual fantasy land of your liking, and a enviornment that is safe and productive for your fish.

Inorganic decor are fake or manufactured plants and rocks which are created to appear as real as possible. These are composed of plastic, silk, and clay. Organic decor on the other hand can be fossilised versions of the living objects like real rocks, driftwood, gravel, sand from rivers or beaches, and coral. Organic decor can also be living when you use them in your tank.

Some aquarists prefer manufactured decors because they do not wither, they ideally do not affect tank chemistry and that one can experiment more with varied colors. For others however, nothing beats the real thing. Choices in terms of colors and shapes are limited if one chooses to go for organic decor. Plus occasionally your fish might eat the live plants and you will need to replace them, which can be costly.

Of course, you can use a combination of live plants and manufactured plants or just go simple with only one or the other.

Here are a few ideas for your freshwater aquarium.

First, know your fish. For the fish, decorations can be a safe haven in the aquarium. If you want to create an atmosphere that is closest to real life with your decorations, study and learn about your fishs character, likes and dislikes. For example, a surgeonfish needs more swimming space while dottybacks are more used to having plenty of hiding places and african cichlids love rocks that contain limestone. Some species are more comfortable with plants than with rocks and vice-versa.

Second, define your theme. One can freely choose to be youthful, classic, absurd or playful with fantasy. You can make use of replicas of war ruins, sunken galleons, battle ships, treasure chests, underwater divers, mermaids, skulls, skeletons or mummies. There are also toys, doll and tv characters available for your aquarium and don’t forget the pirate paraphernalia and Navy decor.

Driftwood in its provincial shape and appearance can be your tank’s centrepiece. Make sure though that your wood is treated of unwanted elements. Wood usually affects water acidity which will affect your fish so make certain to check that the wood is cleared of any pests or diseases before use. Wood will provide a refuge, a spawning site, and nourishment for many of your aquariums fish. Swamp woods are best for the aquarium as they will not easily rot, but to be sure always ask someone you know, where you have seen a piece of wood in their fish tank. You can fing out how it is doing in their tank and if they had had any problems with it in the past along with any issues with their fish regarding it.

Live plants and live rocks are very beneficial to the fish and provide a realistic appeal, though adding live items does come with additional lighting and supplement requirements. Also in some live rocks, an aquarium silicon sealant has been discovered so that one can safely shape rocks according to their likes.

Third, befor you do anything else create a background for your aquarium. An aquarium is like a theater stage where its background can establish a tone of a stage drama. Popular colors such as black, dark green, deep blue and slate blue have different impacts. Pleasant pictures of nature, mangroves and reefs are some of the many tank backgrounds available. Some aquarists find it easier in terms of maintenance for the back of their tank to be covered with pictured tape which give a more full and plentiful look to the aquarium.

For many fish-keeping hobbyists, the most exciting part of the hobby is the part of planning out your design and working on it until you get the feel and look according to your desire. Aquascaping can complement and reflect an owners personal artistic sense or business atmosphere. A common problem in designing is to overcrowd the fish tank. It is good idea to first make a hand drawing, and draw in what you might want in the aquariun. You may also want get advice ideas from friends and family members.

With the popularity and advancement of the hobby, stores offer hundreds of items to choose from, both fake and real. It helps to be exposed to all of these to make sure you will not miss any item that may suit your plan and budget. A lot of designs are available in books and online, and also in magazines. You do not have to copy something really nice but you can get great ideas from them.

Do not be afraid to design your own. ‘Do it yourself’ is a fad that is fun and practical. In the end, decor for your freshwater aquarium should be fun , entertaining and visually stunning and you will find is well worth the effort .

Led Energy-saving Lamps Light Of Domestic Production In Foreign Countries

Energy-saving lamp life is 2,500-5,000 hours, while semiconductor LED lighting lamps life is 50,000 ~8 hours under normal conditions, but only incandescent bulbs, neon lights LED lamp power consumption one-tenth. Therefore, if all of our lighting using LED lights, then a year electricity savings equivalent to built 6 of three gorges power station.

Departments concerned should adopt mandatory measures to promote energy-efficient products, strengthen the scientific propaganda green consumption and energy conservation, and Government ease means, from various aspects such as financial, tax, product development, supporting the development and use of energy-efficient products, energy-saving products prices come down and persuade them to go to the ordinary people.

Energy monitor Corps Chief of integrated technology of Zhejiang Province, senior engineer Wang Yunpeng told reporters recently, currently Zhejiang province’s environmental protection and energy saving type (LED) lamp production company has more than 1000 enterprises. Despite the many production enterprises, product energy efficiency of alarming, but “production of LED lights are basically sold abroad”.

Semiconductor LED lighting has become recognized worldwide as an important way of energy saving and environmental protection. Because factors such as the lack of electricity in the country, calling for time to save energy by using energy-efficient lighting products, as the world’s biggest energy-saving lamp production in Zhejiang Province, over more than 1000 LED lamp production companies produce at home rarely, and Zhejiang produces LED lights can only be sold abroad. In fact not only LED lights, about 50% per cent of the global production of energy saving lamps in Zhejiang, Zhejiang 95% for export production of energy saving lamps, energy saving lamps, the utilization rate of less than 20% of the local population.

Represented by the LED lamps why energy-efficient products not being faced by people in Taiwan are optimistic about wall wall fragrant flowering embarrassed? Reason for this restriction.

First is the high price of energy-efficient products. Current incandescent bulb per 1 to 2 Yuan, while the cheapest energy-saving lamps in the market in more than 10, currently a 250 Watt high pressure sodium light source section 220 Yuan, but a corresponding LED Street lamp light parts 1700 Yuan is required. It is this high price, to discourage domestic consumers for energy-efficient products.

Followed by consumer understanding of the idea of bias. Current domestic consumption, mainly focused on price and product quality, and for energy efficiency and “personal savings accounts”, “national energy account” with little concern, with the result that ordinary consumers continue to choose target consumer on the standard price of stay on the surface, resulting in energy-saving products best game no one played.

Third, lack of policy guidance. Although we have repeatedly emphasized that save energy, the construction of economical society, but only stays on the slogans and policy advocacy. In addition, because the specific standards for energy-saving products and found that qualifications such as vulnerability management there is a, which makes a number of products under the name seems energy-saving market.

Energy saving will eventually depend on energy-saving products to achieve, to achieve the purpose of the construction of economical society to achieve energy savings, we have “LED” learn embarrassing realities facing, to take measures to promote energy-saving products.

First is take forced measures promotion energy-saving products, eliminated those production technology behind, and energy wasted serious of traditional products; second is take Government stabilizing means, from funds, and tax, and products development, all aspects, on energy-saving products of development and using introduced subsidies and grants, enabling measures, to energy-saving products price drop down, led its go near unusual people; its three is strengthened green consumption and savings energy of science publicity efforts, boot people science even, consciously practice line green consumption, and Save energy-saving society construction claims its four is to regulate energy market management, crack down on fake and shoddy products are shoddy to discredit energy-saving products reputation.

If we do, it is estimated that “LED” energy-saving lamps as the representative of the energy-saving products are sure to come out of the wall within the fragrant flowering wall of embarrassment, become green consumer behavior of domestic consumer market trends, so as to practice energy conservation and green consumption, positive contribution to the construction of economical society.

Interior Design Is More Than A Career, It’s An Art Form

Interior design is much more than just a career; it is almost an art form. Interior designers are amongst the most creative, imaginative and artistic people in any industry. However, a good interior designer must be extremely disciplined, organized and skilled in business. Interior designers professionally combine their knowledge with aesthetically pleasing visions to design solutions that are safe, functional, and attractive.

As with any professional career, the practice of interior design can be a very rewarding and fulfilling job as long as hard work and self discipline prevails. Mastering interior design as a career requires time, energy, technical proficiency, vision, and dedication. Like the members of any professional service, an interior designer’s success depends entirely on her ability to satisfy her clients’ needs. Therefore, she must understand both the artistic and technical requirements of a project.

Communication is a must-have skill for professional interior designers, as they will be meeting and dealing with many different kinds of people throughout their careers. They must be able to communicate clearly and effectively, as well as be attentive listeners. Because interior designers often work side by side with other professionals such as architects, contractors, and other service providers, interior designers need to be both good team leaders and good team players. Negotiation and mediation skills are also very important attributes for an interior designer to possess.

Education is the single most important start in becoming an interior designer and involves enrollment in a college or university program followed by several years of professional experience, typically under the direct supervision of a senior interior designer in the industry. It generally takes around six or seven years to become a fully qualified interior designer. Courses of study may include but are not limited to:

-Business management
-Debate and problem resolution
-Art Appreciation
-Frequent lectures and field trips
-Computer Graphic design

Just like many other professional careers, such as lawyers, accountants, and many healthcare professionals, there is an entrance examination that all interior designers must pass. This interior design examination provides a method for identifying interior designers who have met the minimum standards, and it is a more formal way of making certain an individual is qualified in particular knowledge and skills. This examination also protects potential clients by assuring competent professionals. The National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) is the organization that is responsible for administering the examination twice annually throughout the United States and Canada.

The NCIDQ also conducts regularly scheduled research and uses the information gathered to update the examination. Twenty five states require interior designers to obtain licenses and certifications upon successful completion of the NCIDQ examination to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of the public. In order to be eligible to take the NCIDQ examination, interior designers must have taken interior design education and have actual full-time interior design experience totaling to at least six years, with at least two of those years being postsecondary education.

Juwel Trigon 350 Aquarium Review

There are plenty of, possibilities when it comes to purchasing a new tropical fish tank or aquarium (some terrific, some bad and some best forgotten!) When I came to find a new aquarium for my living area the choices were a little bit more limited as, because of a recent spate of decorating as well as some new furniture We had to take a look at corner fish tanks.

Fortunately, We have some good size corners around my living room! After a lot of indecision I finally decided on the Juwel Trigon 350 (the big brother of the Juwel Trigon 190.) The Trigon 350 is actually a complete affair in so much as included in the package is lighting, a filter, a pump and also a heater. Information of the precise specifications are listed further down in this posting.

The unit is manufactured with a suspended base which eliminates the the demand for polystyrene -stackers’ between your aquarium and the base unit.

The aquarium itself, as the name suggests, holds a notable 350 litres of water. You can use it as a tropical fish tank, marine fish tank or for cold water fish. There is no question that it is a good size piece of equipment however manages to look stylish without looking too bulky. The straight glass sides measure 87 cm each with the fantastic looking curved glass front section being approximately 123 cm. The height of the aquarium is 65 cm. The base unit/cupboard has matching length and breadth dimensions but stands at a height of 73 cm. Black silicone is employed throughout which adds to the stylish quality look of the whole ensemble. It’s worth pointing out at this point that although the base unit/cupboard is very practical (the open back allows for all of your cables and pipes to be nicely hidden from view and there is plenty of storage space for all of your fishkeeping bits and bats!) and looks tidy enough it isn’t going to raise the heartbeats of any antique dealers!

The standard package is made up of the following:-

Juwel Biflow 1000 pump, Juwel 300 watt heater, Juwel High Lite light unit (+ 2 x 24w tubes – 1 day and 1 nature), Juwel High Lite light unit (+ 2 x 45w tubes – 1 day and 1 nature), Juwel Bioflow 8.0 Jumbo Filter, Filter Media

I bought my Trigon via Aquarium House (http://aquariumhouse.co.uk) so in addition to the standard package I also received the following:-

Fish Net, Water Conditioner, Gravel – Natural x 60Kg Aquarium Backing (Japanese Driftwood)

To summarise, I looked at a lot of fish tanks for sale but I am very happy with my purchase (by the way the RRP is 1,296.92 but you should be looking to pay around the 950 mark). It looks fantastic in the corner of my newly decorated living room. The only thing that I am looking to change is the filter (internal, submerged filters aren’t really my thing so I will look to replace this with a decent external filter soon but that’s just my preference and not a criticism of tank set up). Compare and buy Corner Fish Tanks, Juwel Trigon 350 Aquariums, Tropical Fish Tanks, Fish Tanks For Sale and quality Aquatic Supplies from http://www.aquariumhouse.co.uk

Give Your Home A Gorgeous Look With The Trendy Furniture

Whenever you plan to buy any item the very first you do is research about them so that you get a quality product. Mostly people choose the products with good name and fame which are branded ones. They go for such items as the products have its own standards and give their customers the best. So, if you are one of them who is looking for such brand for your office purpose or for your home then you can go for the coaster furniture nyc that not only give you luxury but also it makes a good impression on the visitors through its iconic designs.
Marvelous one:
It can be any piece of furniture of this brand that you are looking for will be made up of the quality materials. You can get amazing models and designs of high standards. For your living room you can get ottomans, tables, chairs and for kitchen you can find good furnishing items and for bedroom there will be luxurious bed. For your every room, there will be specialized items that you will adore to have it.
Looking at their designs you will definitely wish them to have at your place. There will be sofas with variety of shapes and color like the curved one, oval shape and the transitional glider recliner. You can also go for the Cornell bonded leather sofa and also sofa beds which is one of the best choices for your living room and bed room that gives you comfort and a marvelous look. If you are planning something great for your bedroom then there is amazing collection of mattresses and tables that will be available to you. This is one such item on which your body gets relief and you will enjoy lying on it.
For complete family:
You can get the coaster furniture nyc for all kinds of needs. The brand has a wide collection of products for every room. You can find gorgeous tables and chair and other furnishing items for your kitchen and study room. Make your family members happy by giving such an exotic collection of items. You can see the brochure or can browse the site in order to know about varieties available to you. You can choose the one that is suitable to your rooms and your interior. Choose the appropriate size of the furniture depending upon the sizes of your room so that it fits the space completely.

Restaurant Interior Design And Things To Keep In Mind

Owning and operating a restaurant is not an easy task. I have an uncle who owns a seafood restaurant down the shore in New Jersey and it was a big change for him from the clam bar he had on the boardwalk. Before he even moved in and began operations, he had to think about his restaurant interior design and what he wanted the place to not only look like, but how it would reflect him. And then he had to make it actually happen.

When considering restaurant interior design for your own place, you need to take things step by step. The first thing you need to do for your restaurant interior design is develop a vision. Start with the basics. What theme do you want and how do you want it to appeal to your customers? What can you do with the space you have? Take a walk through and see what pops out at you, where you can visualize the bar, what kind of lighting you see on the ceiling or walls, what size and shape tables will work.

When thinking of the kitchen and bar, think about what is functional. You may be tempted to lean towards some cool, modern designs, but you have to pick something that is also easy to navigate for your employees and can be sure to get customers served in the most efficient way possible. Keep things pretty simple in these areas. The outside aesthetic of a bar can be unique, but make sure everything going on behind it is easy to understand.

Utilize your space but also work with it. A very large room can be sectioned off into tinier areas. You can turn a part of it into a private party room or use screens and sectional walls to create a more private, intimate dining experience for each group. If you have a place with high ceilings, accentuate that with grandiose accents and lighting. If you have a smaller space, use smaller furniture and use the right kind of colors and spacing to make it seem bigger.

Speaking of color, it’s important with restaurant interior design to capitalize on it. Different colors can illicit different moods, that is common knowledge. And it also can reflect the attitude of your place as well as the type of food you are providing. Spicy, fun foods might be served in a place where oranges and reds take precedent. Black or mauve may be your pick for a more sophisticated feel for a higher end restaurant.

How to Navigate the EPC Register Website

The Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Register is the register of Energy Performance Certificates lodged for properties in the UK, and can be accessed online via the epcregister.com website. The website is operated on behalf of the British Government by the Landmark Information Group, which has designed the site to be easy to navigate so you can quickly find the information you are looking for.

The home page includes a menu on the left, with a description on the right and clickable links for quick access to finding a reputable domestic energy assessor in your area, and to retrieving an energy performance certificate for a property. These options are also available by selecting the appropriate option from the menu on the left.

Find Energy Assessor

The first option after Home on the menu is Find Energy Assessor. This page helps you find an accredited energy assessor near the property to be assessed, or to check whether or not an individual claiming to be an energy assessor is accredited. To find an assessor you will need to select what type of report you require the energy assessor to prepare and the postcode of the property. Full contact details of accredited assessors are only available if they have given permission for these details to be displayed.

If you select the option to find the nearest accredited assessor in the area in which the property is located, select the type of report you want them to prepare. Options are: an Energy Performance Certificate (used for existing buildings), an SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) Energy Performance Certificate (used for new or converted buildings), or a Home Condition Report.

Retrieve Report

There are two options on the menu for retrieving an existing report: Using a Reference Number, or Using a Property Address. Use the first option if you know the RRN (Report Reference Number), which is shown on front page of the EPC. Use the second option if you do not know the RRN but do know the postcode.

In both cases you will need to enter a security code to confirm you are a genuine enquirer and not a spammer, and you will also need to read and accept the terms.

If you do not know the postcode, click on the link to the right instead of entering the postcode. You will then be asked to enter the street name and postal address town. The postcode is then displayed and you can click on it to view the list of available reports.

EPC Adviser

This option enables you to see how you can make your property more energy efficient and less expensive to run. Select this option and enter the RRN and security code. Click Next and agree to the conditions. When you click Next again a list of measures (such as insulation, changes to lighting and heating measures) you can take to improve energy efficiency is displayed. Select the options you want and then click on Calculate to see how much money you could save. You can try as many different combinations as you wish. Click on View Results when you have finished to view a summary and download a pdf.

Tiki Decorations – Get Into The Perfect Party Mood

There are a lot of reasons for us to throw a party for family and friends. Whether it’s for a birthday, a graduation, an anniversary, or any other special occasion, we just love having clean fun with our loved ones. And the most memorable among these gatherings are usually those that carry a specific theme. So, the next time you decide to throw a party for your peers, why don’t you plan a Tiki-themed event? Nothing invites people to loosen up and have fun more effectively than a good combination of luau-style food, cocktails, and attractive Tiki decorations.

When summer is here, it is definitely the best time to throw a Tiki party. Summer evenings are comfortably warm and Tiki torches look beautiful when lit at around nine or ten at night. Even if you’re just hanging out in your backyard, a Tiki theme can make your party feel like a fun-filled night at the beach. Here are a few tips on how you can create the perfect tropical party atmosphere with a few well-placed Tiki decorations.

Even if your party is taking place exclusively in the backyard, it is a good idea to decorate indoors as well as outdoors. After all, your guests will have to go through the front door as they arrive and several of them may need to use the bathroom as the night goes on. It would be nice if they got into the whole Tiki concept as soon as they enter and keep the mood all throughout the party. You may be concerned about the expense involved if you decide to decorate both indoors and outdoors, but it isn’t really very costly to do so.

You can create a Tiki atmosphere simply by placing either fake or real tropical flowers in strategic locations around the house. You may also replace curtains, throw covers, and placemats with brightly-colored fabrics typical of the Tiki decorating style. Switch off the fluorescent lights and set up paper lanterns and candles inside the house, and Tiki torches outside to achieve the ultimate tropical island appeal. Bamboo furniture, totem poles, and masks can also add to your party’s Tiki flavor.

Music is another important element. Choose thematic music that perfectly complements the Tiki decorations that you have set up. Drum-based music is a good choice if you plan to encourage dancing as one of your party’s highlights. Naturally, you will have to serve luau-style dishes in order to be consistent with your theme. Stoke up the fire pit, take out the barbecue, and cook up sauces that have a distinct island flavor. Tiki-style cocktails and rum punches tend to be on the sweet side, so make sure to add a bit of spice to the food that you prepare.

Tables should not be taken for granted when decorating for a Tiki-themed party. You may use cut pineapples as the centerpiece for a truly tropical feel. You may even use cups and plates that carry a tropical theme. If you have the budget for it, you may even set up something as elaborate as a Tiki hut, but something as simple as a portable bar made of bamboo will work just as well. No matter how simple your Tiki decorations are, as long as you arrange them strategically and plan the other details carefully, your friends should be in for one hell of a party.

Investing In Derelict Property

The property development market in the UK provides numerous alternatives for property investors. One of the most popular is buying a derelict property with the objective of renovating it and then selling it for profit. As long as you buy at the right price and effectively manage your development expenses, fixing up old and rundown properties will almost always make an excellent investment.

Why choose a derelict property?

A derelict property refers to one that has been abandoned for a long time and is in such a bad condition that it needs to be demolished. Derelict properties are usually in an uninhabited state and need to go through extensive repairs or have to be restored to a liveable (and therefore mortgage able) state. As of 2008, there are more than a million derelict properties in the UK.

Derelict properties are seen as good investments because they can be acquired cheaply, although they need to be renovated and developed first before they can be occupied. Regardless of their dilapidated conditions, most of these properties have walls and foundations that are still intact thus entailing the use of less cement and cheaper building expenses.

How to find a derelict property

While searching for a rundown property is generally considered difficult unless you spot one in passing, there are many creative ways of locating them. One is at auction where many properties put up for sale are often in need of restoration. Major auction houses typically offer a catalogue listing the properties scheduled for sale.

You can also find derelict properties through the registers made by different conservation groups such as the English Heritage, the governments legal advisory body on the historic environment. The association produces a register of different buildings at risk. Also, you can also look up websites that offer to help find such properties. Most of them provide details of empty homes in different locations. Estate agents as always are worth talking to as well.

The value of a derelict property

To determine the value of a rundown property, you should have a complete building survey conducted by an experienced surveyor. Before you make the purchase, be sure to check planning possibilities carefully. If the property has a planning permission for change of use, it can command a higher price.

Financing a derelict property

Obtaining a mortgage to finance the renovation of a derelict property can be complicated but there are financial institutions that will lend on such properties. The Ecology Building Society and Norwich & Peterborough will lend on derelict properties through their green, self-build or renovation mortgages. Most of these lenders will release the funds in drip-feed method in stages so that if you default on your repayments and the property has to be sold, the lender can recover its money.

It is sometime possible to get a grant from your local council to help with renovation expenses but these are usually only available to landlords who plan to make the refurbished property available for housing association tenants. There are also councils that provide small grants to those with renovation plans or energy efficiency work.

Renovating old and rundown properties still remains a sound investment for many property investors. However experts advise that developers put a high priority on repairs done to an excellent standard using appropriate materials. This way the value of the property increases considerably.