Live And Artificial Freshwater Aquarium Decorations

How simple or weird would you like to get? The decor of a freshwater aquarium can come from many sources and often be strange. This can define your individual taste, history, cultural background and even one’s vision of a world. A major benefit of getting an aquarium is to decorate it over and over aqain until you are satisfied with your results. Your freshwater aquariums decor is the foundation of what makes our fish tanks a special place- or not!

Your pocket does not have to suffer from the possible expensive materials that you can get for your freshwater aquarium. You can find inexpensive items that will be just fine and a little creativity will go a long way. While there are lots of organic and inorganic fish tank decorations available online and at nearby shops, you can maximize your budget, by picking up some items present around you, or combine them with materials being sold in stores. Decorating an aquarium is a satisfying hobby and there is no shortage of things you can use to decorate as well as continue to redecorate, until you are happy with what you have created. It is a true do-It-yourself hobby.

The challenge for designing is to always come up with something new, something catchy or something unique. An aquarium hobbiest can always treat the designing part of the aquarium, as a rare chance to showcase their talents. Of course, the functional purpose of the design should be to both create a visual fantasy land of your liking, and a enviornment that is safe and productive for your fish.

Inorganic decor are fake or manufactured plants and rocks which are created to appear as real as possible. These are composed of plastic, silk, and clay. Organic decor on the other hand can be fossilised versions of the living objects like real rocks, driftwood, gravel, sand from rivers or beaches, and coral. Organic decor can also be living when you use them in your tank.

Some aquarists prefer manufactured decors because they do not wither, they ideally do not affect tank chemistry and that one can experiment more with varied colors. For others however, nothing beats the real thing. Choices in terms of colors and shapes are limited if one chooses to go for organic decor. Plus occasionally your fish might eat the live plants and you will need to replace them, which can be costly.

Of course, you can use a combination of live plants and manufactured plants or just go simple with only one or the other.

Here are a few ideas for your freshwater aquarium.

First, know your fish. For the fish, decorations can be a safe haven in the aquarium. If you want to create an atmosphere that is closest to real life with your decorations, study and learn about your fishs character, likes and dislikes. For example, a surgeonfish needs more swimming space while dottybacks are more used to having plenty of hiding places and african cichlids love rocks that contain limestone. Some species are more comfortable with plants than with rocks and vice-versa.

Second, define your theme. One can freely choose to be youthful, classic, absurd or playful with fantasy. You can make use of replicas of war ruins, sunken galleons, battle ships, treasure chests, underwater divers, mermaids, skulls, skeletons or mummies. There are also toys, doll and tv characters available for your aquarium and don’t forget the pirate paraphernalia and Navy decor.

Driftwood in its provincial shape and appearance can be your tank’s centrepiece. Make sure though that your wood is treated of unwanted elements. Wood usually affects water acidity which will affect your fish so make certain to check that the wood is cleared of any pests or diseases before use. Wood will provide a refuge, a spawning site, and nourishment for many of your aquariums fish. Swamp woods are best for the aquarium as they will not easily rot, but to be sure always ask someone you know, where you have seen a piece of wood in their fish tank. You can fing out how it is doing in their tank and if they had had any problems with it in the past along with any issues with their fish regarding it.

Live plants and live rocks are very beneficial to the fish and provide a realistic appeal, though adding live items does come with additional lighting and supplement requirements. Also in some live rocks, an aquarium silicon sealant has been discovered so that one can safely shape rocks according to their likes.

Third, befor you do anything else create a background for your aquarium. An aquarium is like a theater stage where its background can establish a tone of a stage drama. Popular colors such as black, dark green, deep blue and slate blue have different impacts. Pleasant pictures of nature, mangroves and reefs are some of the many tank backgrounds available. Some aquarists find it easier in terms of maintenance for the back of their tank to be covered with pictured tape which give a more full and plentiful look to the aquarium.

For many fish-keeping hobbyists, the most exciting part of the hobby is the part of planning out your design and working on it until you get the feel and look according to your desire. Aquascaping can complement and reflect an owners personal artistic sense or business atmosphere. A common problem in designing is to overcrowd the fish tank. It is good idea to first make a hand drawing, and draw in what you might want in the aquariun. You may also want get advice ideas from friends and family members.

With the popularity and advancement of the hobby, stores offer hundreds of items to choose from, both fake and real. It helps to be exposed to all of these to make sure you will not miss any item that may suit your plan and budget. A lot of designs are available in books and online, and also in magazines. You do not have to copy something really nice but you can get great ideas from them.

Do not be afraid to design your own. ‘Do it yourself’ is a fad that is fun and practical. In the end, decor for your freshwater aquarium should be fun , entertaining and visually stunning and you will find is well worth the effort .

Juwel Trigon 350 Aquarium Review

There are plenty of, possibilities when it comes to purchasing a new tropical fish tank or aquarium (some terrific, some bad and some best forgotten!) When I came to find a new aquarium for my living area the choices were a little bit more limited as, because of a recent spate of decorating as well as some new furniture We had to take a look at corner fish tanks.

Fortunately, We have some good size corners around my living room! After a lot of indecision I finally decided on the Juwel Trigon 350 (the big brother of the Juwel Trigon 190.) The Trigon 350 is actually a complete affair in so much as included in the package is lighting, a filter, a pump and also a heater. Information of the precise specifications are listed further down in this posting.

The unit is manufactured with a suspended base which eliminates the the demand for polystyrene -stackers’ between your aquarium and the base unit.

The aquarium itself, as the name suggests, holds a notable 350 litres of water. You can use it as a tropical fish tank, marine fish tank or for cold water fish. There is no question that it is a good size piece of equipment however manages to look stylish without looking too bulky. The straight glass sides measure 87 cm each with the fantastic looking curved glass front section being approximately 123 cm. The height of the aquarium is 65 cm. The base unit/cupboard has matching length and breadth dimensions but stands at a height of 73 cm. Black silicone is employed throughout which adds to the stylish quality look of the whole ensemble. It’s worth pointing out at this point that although the base unit/cupboard is very practical (the open back allows for all of your cables and pipes to be nicely hidden from view and there is plenty of storage space for all of your fishkeeping bits and bats!) and looks tidy enough it isn’t going to raise the heartbeats of any antique dealers!

The standard package is made up of the following:-

Juwel Biflow 1000 pump, Juwel 300 watt heater, Juwel High Lite light unit (+ 2 x 24w tubes – 1 day and 1 nature), Juwel High Lite light unit (+ 2 x 45w tubes – 1 day and 1 nature), Juwel Bioflow 8.0 Jumbo Filter, Filter Media

I bought my Trigon via Aquarium House ( so in addition to the standard package I also received the following:-

Fish Net, Water Conditioner, Gravel – Natural x 60Kg Aquarium Backing (Japanese Driftwood)

To summarise, I looked at a lot of fish tanks for sale but I am very happy with my purchase (by the way the RRP is 1,296.92 but you should be looking to pay around the 950 mark). It looks fantastic in the corner of my newly decorated living room. The only thing that I am looking to change is the filter (internal, submerged filters aren’t really my thing so I will look to replace this with a decent external filter soon but that’s just my preference and not a criticism of tank set up). Compare and buy Corner Fish Tanks, Juwel Trigon 350 Aquariums, Tropical Fish Tanks, Fish Tanks For Sale and quality Aquatic Supplies from

How To Prepare You Marine Aquarium

A marine aquarium or salt water tank can be a rewarding experience and despite what you have heard they are not extremely hard to maintain. You just have to take care of a few basic needs and your tank will thrive. When setting up salt water fish tanks you can have a fish only tank, a reef only tank or a tank with fish, reef and live rock. The difficulty is a bit harder with reef and live rock tanks than with a fish only tank but it is still possible for the beginner.

When setting up a marine aquarium the first thing you will need is the tank. For a salt water aquarium you really should not use anything smaller than a 40 gallon tank. Most salt water fish grow larger than freshwater fish and you will need more tank space to allow free movement and growth among your fish. You will also need to find a good location for your tank. You will need to place your tank in a position where it will not be affected by direct sunlight, preferably away from windows and heating and air vents.

The next step is to add your water. For salt water fish tanks you will need to buy the aquarium salt and it is easiest if you pre-mix the salt and water before adding into your tank; doing the mixing in the tank can be messy. Follow the instructions on your salt for mixing and preparing your water. After you have prepared your water in your tank you need to let it circulate in the tank anywhere from a week to six weeks in a process called aquarium cycling when you get the readings are for ammonia: 0 ppm., for nitrite:0 ppm., and for nitrate: going up, before you add fish to the environment.

You need to make sure your marine aquarium is ready for fish before you start adding them , so you need to cycle your tank, you will do this by testing the levels in your aquarium. Aquarium testing will include: Salinity, PH, ammonia, nitrate, phosphate and alkalinity. It sounds like a lot but you can get a kit that will have all these aquarium test kits for you in one package. After your levels in your tank are secure you can begin to add fish. It is important to only add a couple fish at time to allow your tank to adjust to the changes that the new fish will put on its ecosystem.

Salt water fish tanks are beautiful tanks to have if you spend the time to take care of them. With regular maintenance and water changes your tank will thrive and your fish will be a delight for you as well as for your visitors.

Aquarium Plants- Perfect Adornment For Your Aquarium

Do you possess an aquarium? If not, do you wish to have one? If yes, one thing is for certain, you will be looking out for aquarium plants for making it look lush green. Healthy and blossoming plants are the key to the beauty of any aquarium. Apart from this, they also give a natural stroke to it.

The best part of having lush green plants is that they render a sense of security to the fishes helping them to hide in whenever they feel stressed. However, there are few fish species that do not even live on without plants.

Apart from providing shelter to the fishes and enhancing the beauty of your aquarium, these plants also help in maintaining water quality. Even when you take the example of natural water, plants and fishes co-exist well, so this will make for a perfect setting in your aquarium.

The benefit of having plants in the aquarium can be judged from the fact that the waste discharged by the fishes can be held by the plants instead of floating in the water. Also, the discharge is said to be beneficial for the plants. Nevertheless, you must ensure that the plants are clipped on regular basis and the remnants are taken out immediately.

Algae growth in the water is natural because of the presence of nitrates and phosphates. However, in an aquarium, these chemicals are used as natural fertilizers, thereby reducing the presence of these chemicals. Because of this, you will witness less algae growth. Also, aquarium plants avert light from reaching the gravel surface which prevents algae growth.

One can opt for aquatic moss plants which becomes perfect live plants for any aquarium. There is an array of these plants which you can opt from including Java Moss, Flame Moss, Moss Ball, Christmas Moss, Taiwan Moss and Subwassertang Freshwater Seaweed.

There are instances where the plants help the small fishes to hide from the bigger ones which feed on the former. Larger leaves in this scenario prove to be highly beneficial and this is only possible in thickly planted aquarium. There are few fishes which feed on the plants. So if your aquarium is planted, some fishes can easily feed on them.

Having aquarium plants will ultimately help in cleaning up the water. Also, the fishes will become healthier. Apart from the plants, there are numerous other sources like aquarium sources online that can work to enhance the beauty of your aquarium tank like aquarium water conditioner, substrates, filters, water testing kits, aquarium heaters, lighting along with fish medicine and food.

One can choose from number of fish tank decorations including Mekong River Wood, Pisces Ghostwood, Pisces Lava Rocks, Terracotta Pot singles, Pisces Precious and Scenic Rocks, BiOrb Pebble Column and lot more. One can also embellish his aquarium with quality aquarium lighting. There is also a wide assortment of lighting available to choose from aquarium supplies online including Fluval “EDGE” LED ultra Bright Bulb, Fluval CHI Aquarium, Hagen GLO T5 H.O. Single Hanging Light Unit, BiOrb Aquarium Light Bulb Accessory Pack, Marina Cool Kits LED Light Unit and more.

To sum up, having aquarium plants will not just enhance the beauty of your aquarium but will also keep the fishes healthy!


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Decorating Around Black Leather Furniture

Black leather furniture is a highly ideal option to go for when it comes to interior decoration. The fabric is very durable, making it long-lasting and appropriate for children and pets. It may be pricier than a lot of other fabrics, but it’s worth it for the benefits. Generally, the black shiny surface of such furniture goes well with almost any color (if not all colors). This means you can just focus on how much of a contrast you want there to be, rather than worrying what will and won’t go with your black leather furniture.

You have to be careful with decorating when it comes to what you want to achieve though. The furniture can be overpowering, so if you don’t want this then you just have to choose the surrounding decoration wisely, such as the colors of the walls, lamps, curtains, etc. The color tones you choose should be preferably a medium tone, and this creates a good balance and the furniture won’t feel too over the top. With white walls it can stand out too much, and with dark tones there may not be enough contrast to really lift the room. Keep in mind that shades of gray can go well with the black leather furniture, but again, not too dark.

If you’re looking for a balance between masculine and feminine, be sure to add reds, pinks and purples to the room perhaps in the form of cushions and blankets that you can place onto the furniture. This contrast works effectively if you really are trying to achieve something that is neither too masculine nor too feminine. Another great tip is to have lamps, vases, and other items that match the surrounding colors of the room but also contain black. This keeps the color palette consistent throughout the room. If you look around enough, you should be able to find appropriate accents.

Be sure to take lighting into account, whatever room it is your black leather furniture is in. In fact, this can be one of the biggest factors of your decoration: the amount of natural lighting coming in, where it’s hitting, and what kind of artificial lighting you have for nighttime. Have plenty of natural light coming in if you can, but put blinds up so you can control the amount that comes in. Also, consider a dimmer switch for the main lighting so that you can create some ambiance at night. This can also be assisted with adjustable lamps and candles. Basically, having as much control over the lighting as possible is one of the keys.

Last but not least, arrange your black leather furniture appropriately. Don’t have lots of it crowding a space. Spread it out, or if it’s a small room then put some of it in another room. A room crowded with such furniture will again be overpowering, and this is something you may want to avoid. You can always add some of it to your bedroom or dining area

Best Places To Visit In Wayanad – South India

Wayanad is a South Indian district in the north-east of Kerala. The name of the hill-station, Wayanad comes from two words: Vayal Nadu. “Vaya” means field of paddy (rice), and the word “Nad” is a South Indian name for land. Rich paddy fields and other plantations like tea and coffee are a regular sight in Wayanad. Also noteworthy are the mountains and forests where a huge number of diverse creatures dwell. Adding to the beauty is the pleasantness of weather year round.

A trip to the hill-station also gives you a peek into pre-historic, Vedic, as well as modern history. Traces of the Stone Age are evident in the hills which make them a favorite site among geologist. Of the more modern legends is that of the brave ruler Tipu Sultan, who took over Wayanad but later gave it over to the British.

Another favorite among visitors are the wildlife sanctuaries that boast a huge variety of animals. Hence, Wayanad is a perfect hangout for families as it makes for an educational excursion for the children.

Top ten places of tourist interest in Wayanad are as follows:

1) Edakkal Caves

Dated back to the pre-historic times, Edakkal Caves are a creation of nature that happened by a splitting of rocks due to weathering caused by natural forces. And what appear as the caves are actually a crevice so deep (about 30 feet) that it looks like a cave. Inside, they contain beautiful carvings that were probably made in ancient times to depict stories etc.

2) Pookot Lake

The perfect picnic spot in the middle of a forest, Pookot Lake is a body of clear water engulfed in mesmerizing beauty. A boat ride in this lake can truly make your day. Surrounding areas too are pretty amusing with a children’s park, aquarium and a small shopping place for souvenirs.

3) Chembra Peak

An intimidating high peak, Chembra is like a dream for those who love the adventures of trekking and camping. All you need to do is pack your backpacks with sleeping bags and other camping necessities, and get set to enjoy a challenging trek: A spectacular view from the top would be worth every peck of effort you’d put into it!

4) Soochipara Falls

Water falling from a height as high as 300 feet and a lively reservoir on the ground fit for swimming and rafting: the Soochipura Falls are great fun as well as pleasing to the eyes. They are also known as the Sentinel Falls and are located near Meppadi.

5) Meenmutty Falls

A majestically beautiful waterfall of the South, Meenmutty falls in three tiers. The sight is breathtaking and the area around the falls is full of fun activities to do, like trekking.

6) Neelima View Point

View the Meenmutty falls and the lovely valleys around it from the Neelima View Point. This location again lets you trek en route.

7) Kuruva Dweep

This one is an island formed on one of the tributaries of River Kabani. It is a great picnic and sight-seeing spot. You’d love the diversity of flora and fauna here including birds, orchids, and rare herbs.

8) Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuuary

The way to the Pakshipatnam Bird Sanctuary is an enthralling forest and hilly area. Only a nice long trek can get you here to witness the stupendously large and exotic variety of birds.

9) Thirunelli Temple

Thirunelli Temple is a 300 year old Vishnu temple. It is an awesome architectural wonder. It has 30 columns of granite that protect the temple till date.

10) Banasura Sagar Dam

India’s largest earth dam is an excellent site for picnics. The melody of flowing water soothes all your senses.

Calculate Your Lo Shu Number

Hsia Yu was a famous Chinese prehistoric personality. One day he came across some very interesting markings on the shell of a giant tortoise. The giant tortoise came out from the River Lo in Central China. This became Lo Shu. The word ‘Lo’ means river and the term ‘Shu’ indicate books. Different Lo Shu numbers indicates different directions which are believed to be auspicious.

Feng Shui helps one analyze their destiny with regards to the Five Chinese Elements. The five elements as per the Feng Shui are:
a. Earth
b. Water
c. Fire
d. Wood, and
e. Metal

Lo Shu Numbers and the auspicious directions:
1 – North
2 – Southwest
3 – East
4 – Southeast
5- Central
6 – Northwest
7 – West
8 – Northeast
9 – South.

Each of the five elements is associated with a particular number.
Water Element – 1
Earth Element – 2, 5, 8
Wood Element – 3, 4
Metal Element – 6, 7
Fire Element – 9

The grid that is used for calculating this number is a 3 X 3 magic square in which the sum of the three numbers add up to 15 – row wise, column wise and diagonally. This is an ancient Chinese grid that shows man’s interaction with the five elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal. As per the Feng Shui principles all the elements are needed for a prosperous life are analyzed on the basis of the date of birth.

The grid is created on the basis of the date of birth of an individual. It helps to give a clear view of what the destiny and the life has in store for that individual. The MB Free Feng Shui Lo Shu is an interactive program. It is very simple to use and interpret and it also gives remedial measures for the missing elements.

By entering the date of birth, the missing element and its effect on the concerned person is ascertained. Each digit in a person’s birth date is associated with the corresponding element and the missing factor is known. Remedial measures to counter the lack of elements for the person are also suggested by the MB Free Feng Shui Lo Shu Software. Each of the squares that make up the Lo Shu is the palace and the three numbers in each palace are the Stars. The positions of the Stars in the Lo Shu indicate those areas of life which may be affected.

Remedial Measures for the Missing Element in your birth chart:

1.Use a square or rectangular wooden dining table.

2.Move your bedroom or office to the South Western corner of your house.

3.Keep a greenstone pyramid in South West for strength and consistency.

4.Hang pictures of mountain on your South sidewall.

5.Hang a yellow bulb in the Center of the room.

1.Keep musical chimes at the entrance of the house.

2.Keep the North Eastern side of your home clean and tidy.

3.Place a green light in the East and South East direction.

4.Place a picture of some greenery in the East and South East direction.

5.Place small flowering plants in the East and North East directions.

1.Keep a red lamp in the South East corner of your home.

2.Keep a flowering plant in your sitting room.

3.Keep an oven in the South East direction.

4.Keep an energized red pyramid.

1.Wear some gold jewellery on your right hand.

2.Hang a golden yellow wind chime in the West, North West or North.

3.Keep an energized yellow pyramid.

4.Keep metal sculptures made of gold solver, bronze or copper in the West or North West.

1.Keep water filled bowl in the East or North East direction.

2.You can also keep a water fish aquarium.

3.Give water to the thirsty people.

4.A fountain or swimming pool in the North too will serve the purpose.

Sri Lanka To Develop Pasikuda As Tourist Destination

Sri Lanka has become a trendy holiday destination once again, three years after the end of the civil war in 2009 and now the government and tourism officials are looking to develop the areas that were affected by the war into leading tourism zones.

Pasikuda is one of the areas that the government is keen to drive forward as a destination for Sri Lanka holidays. Situated on the east coast of the island, in the Batticaloa district, Pasikuda was a hotspot for travellers until 1983 with its stunning golden sand beaches and shallow turquoise ocean waters.

During the civil war, the area became desolate but it is now emerging as one of the leading spots for the ultimately relaxing holidays in Sri Lanka thanks to government initiatives and an investment of Rs. 650 million towards the development of the 150-acre Pasikuda Tourist Zone.

The region is already proving to be popular among foreign travellers, with tourists coming mainly from Europe after the Economic Development Ministry contributed Rs. 275 million from the above-mentioned investment amount towards the project. Private sector businesses are investing a further Rs. 6.53 billion which will go towards the construction of 14 new Sri Lanka hotels and 930 rooms.

The design of the Pasikuda Tourist Zone has already been finalised by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) will be prepared for the resort.

As well as providing a new resort for international tourists wishing to embark on luxury holidays to Sri Lanka, the development will also create new jobs for hundreds of locals in the Eastern province.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena said: “With the upsurge in tourist arrivals to the Zone the people around the area will get economically strengthened.”

Before the civil war broke out, Pasikuda beach had three hotels with 171 rooms. At the time plans were underway to develop a further 500 rooms in the area but the riots in 1983 put a stop to this.

A shopping mall, art gallery, aquarium, open-air theatre, cycle path and golf course are also expected to be built within the new tourism zone being curently created in Pasikuda.

Plans are also underway to develop Nilaweli, and Arugam Bay beaches which are also located along the Eastern coast.

Sri Lanka has seen a significant general increase in the number of foreign travellers arriving to the island and in 2011, 855,975 arrivals were recorded.

Frontosa Cichlid Breeding May Not Be Easy To Do

Cyphotilapia frontosa cichlid are generally found in Lake Tanganyika with depths of about 100 feet. They are considered large cichlids with male size of 14 to 16 inches and females growing up to 9 – 12 inches long.

Preferably, Frontosa lives in hard and alkaline water conditions with a water temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and a pH value of 7.8.

Providing them with variations of diet is important to keep them healthy and may promote breeding. A high-quality cichlid pellet may be used as a base food and then supplemented with live foods. Frontosas in the wild eat live small fish but it is not very favorable to give them a feeder fish since it can be the source of a disease in the aquarium. However, cultivating your own meaty live food is favorable to your cichlid.

Although they are considered not easy to breed, however breeders claimed to have been successful in breeding them in aquariums many times than expected. If aiming to breed this variety it is advantageous to prepare a huge aquarium for that. Frontosa can grow as much as 35 centimeters even when kept in a tank. What’s good about these species is that they are calm and peaceful and tolerant of both conspecifics and heterospecifics. They also mingle well with 3 – 4 females in a 200 – 400 liter or 50 – 100 gallon aquarium. A sufficient number of decorations such as rocks, caves, or pipes may be provided for as hiding places.

Breeding frontosa cichlid is best done when owners help create a small “spawning area” for the pair in order to feel comfortable and secure. For instance, stones may be used to confine a particular area that would display as such and that a separate area was prepared for them in safety when breeding.

When the female frontosa’s body starts to show noticeable change with rounded belly and male frontosa begins giving her attention it is time to perform a major water change to induce spawning. Not for long that the female will start showing her breeding tube and with a shorter wait spawning will begin to take place.

Frontosa is a mouth brooding cichlid which means that the female will pick up the eggs and guard them inside her mouth until ready for a free swim. Nonetheless, as the breeder, be vigilant to keep an eye of the mother because sometimes they forget to care for the eggs but instead devour them. If this happens regularly it is best to strip the eggs out of her mouth and incubate it yourself in a separate aquarium. Do not forget to turn off the lights in the spawning aquarium and in the rest of the room. Give it 30 – 60 minutes to keep her calm. Fill a small container with water and use a net to catch the fish and gently open her mouth forcing her to spit the eggs out with your fingers into the container and return Frontosa Cichlid back immediately to the aquarium.